F.A.Q.’s – Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Why is the dealer price different than the price listed on Snow’s website?
The prices listed on our website are the Minimum Advertised Price (M.A.P.) of our instruments so no dealer can advertise our instruments lower than the price we list. This helps keep a balance on the market and gives the potential customer the knowledge of what they should be paying for our instruments. Our instruments are listed with instrument only. These are not outfit prices. The dealer may also do their own professional set-up to the instruments which may result in a slightly higher price due to their time and labor into getting the best sound from the instrument.

2.) Where can I buy your instruments?
You can find a dealer in our ‘Where To Buy’ section of the site. Type in your zip code and you are able to search up to a radius of 500 miles. You also can call us anytime to talk to our friendly representative to locate a dealer and if you have any questions about any of our instruments at 1-800-645-0703.

3.) Can I buy direct from you?
We are a wholesale company so we only sell to authorized dealers, therefore cannot sell direct to the public.

4.) How do I become a dealer?
To become a dealer, you must have a business retail license with tax ID to be faxed to us at: 718-353-7854. This information will help us set up an account with you with all your business information. Also we prefer to deal with retail businesses with at least 3 years of business.

5.) How do I contact you?
You can contact us by email at sales@snowviolin.com, or toll free at: 1-800-645-0703

6.) What is the difference between a William Hu violin and a Xueping Hu violin?
Violins with the name William Hu on the label are violins that are made in his workshop with top craftsmen and finished by William Hu. When he uses his Chinese name, Xueping Hu, these are the violins made completely by him from start to finish.

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