Calendar for the Growth of Snow Models

Year 1998,

*H 500 Series. By then, Snow workshop only produced one level instruments which is Straight Golden varnish for violins, cellos and rare violas, no set up for instruments before we ship out to dealers.

Year 2000,

*We added S200 and S400 Student Series

Year 2001,

*P800 Series introduced to the market, sporting a more attractive antique look.
*All the instruments start to be professionally set up and earning the sounding adjustment from our New York workshop.

Year 2002,

*Finally, Snow decide to produce a higher end model which is JHS Series, Finished by William hu. Designed for professional use.
*JHS Series-Amati Copy Cello

Year 2003

*900 Series makes its debut as the market require more Dark antique looking instruments
* JHS Series-Guadanini Copy Cello

Year 2004:

*JHS Series-Montagnana Copy Cello
*JHS Series-Roggeri Copy Cello
*Yo-Yo Ma performed with musicians from the Silk Road Ensemble at the Peabody Essex Museum, he used a JHS Mantagnana Cello Built by William Hu.

Year 2005

*P1000 Series: Maggini Copy for Violin/ Viola,

Year 2006

*P1000 Series: Quilted back Strad Copy for Violin/ Viola
*Xueping Hu wins the Certificate of Merit for Violin Tone at the VSA competetion

Year 2007

*Change European material for all Series
*Simona –Our newest Model
*JHS - Testore Violin Copy
*JHS-Guaneri, Guadanini Copy Violas
* Xueping Hu Series, Violin and Cello Designed for Concert use
*The virtuoso Chuan-Yun Li used Xueping Hu violin performed violin concerto with Berlin Philharmonic

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