Snow workshop established in Beijing, China by Xueping Hu in 1989 with only 5 workers. XuePing experimented a lot on improving arching, workmanship, sound quality and varnishing. His approach to making instruments is using the principles of physics and the Italian influence on style, character and tone quality.

Xueping has used professionalism all the way on every single step keeping the work strictly finished under his guidance. Each instrument is handcrafted with close special attention to detail. The workers are trained craftsmen who are familiar with the complex physique and acoustic of the violin. They are grouped so that each model is made by the certain group who is familiar with the specific model. Special training is offered for top of the line workers. In the Snow Workshop, the instruments made vary from the beginner level to the professional level. Once instruments are shipped to NY, the tone quality and set-up are double checked by specialists to make sure the instruments are ready for purchase and playing. Each year, Snow also invites foreign violin makers to educate the employees in China in order to enhance their knowledge about the instruments.

Another import process in the Snow work shop is the wood material collecting. Spruce is used for the instrumentís top which is particularly chosen from Northern Italy in the Alps region of Dolomite. Maple is used for the back which most comes from Sichuan and Yun-nan Provinces (Southern region) and in the North East region of China. For the top level instruments, the back is well selected from Bosnia, which is the best material one can get for sound production. In the Snow Workshop, the wood is naturally dried outside on a covered, ventilated area for 3-4 years. Then the wood is put into a drying room conformed to the old traditional European way. This process ensures that the wood will not open or expand and it guarantees stability.

Today the workshop employs over 70 workers.

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