Xeuping Hu's Biography

Xueping Hu is a reputable Chinese Luthier, a crafter of stringed instruments such as violin, viola and cello. During 1980’s, he served as a pupil in workshops of Quan Zheng, who is the renowned violin making Master in China. In 1993, Xueping Hu settled his own workshop in Beijing, China, his originality began to show through his alterations of Strad's models with a light, transparent golden varnish. In the past 14 years , the arching was changed, the various degrees of thickness in the wood were more exactly determined, and the varnish was more highly colored. The years from 2003 to 2007, he has been receiving special instructions from a knowledgeable French maker. It was during this time that he perfected his violin design, instead creating violins that blended the qualities of the dark, rich tones of his previous instruments with the brighter sounds. The materials he used also helped to create his unique effects. He selected excellent aged European wood, for his violins and developed the Golden-brown varnish that became a trademark of his work. The Various Italian model being added to his instruments making by each follow year, the way he finished varnish alternate to a traditional French oil varnishing. This varnishing style, not only makes an instrument’s appearance with a unique, beautiful looking, also produce a very firm, quality sound. Xueping’s cello also underwent a similar transformation during these years. Except regular Strad model, he also made Montagnana and Guadagnini Copy for the growing demand among musicians and solo performers who want to get a smaller instrument was more expressive in tone. In January 2004, Yo-Yo Ma used his cello performed with musicians from the Silk Road Ensemble at the Peabody Essex Museum and expressed his surprise that the instrument was made by a Chinese luthier. In 2006, Xueping’s violin has been awarded A Certificate of Merit for Violin Tone in International Violin Making Competition held by Violin Society of America.

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